Public Service Events

Frank Bender K8FB – Public Service Page:

Elmer Group

Jim Zimmerman (N6KZ) and Art Protas (KG6AY)- Need help with your station or antennas?  Please include your name, call (if you have one), phone number, and email address.  


Frank Bender K8FB.  


K6VVR chair person, NO1D, and K7PRS.  

Awards Committee

 John Broughton WB9VGJ, Dick Hughes W6CCD, and Jeff Hanna WB7RFY.  


 David Hanson (W7BJ)

  • Club Patches – $3.00


Dan Simpson (AE7IH) or Erika Simpson (KF7MAU)

  • Badges with first name and call – $7.00


Pete Morrison (K6VVR)

  • With name and call sign – $24.00
  • Without name and call sign – $20.00

Fox Hunts

Pete Morrison (K6VVR) or John Broughton (WB9VGJ)

Normally 1st Sunday of the month at 1pm.  Meet at parking lot of Arizona State Credit Union on Gail Gardner Way, near Willow Creek Rd.

School Amateur Club

Terry Pemberton (KB7TRE)

VE License Testing

Don Bauer (WB7TPH) – Go to this link for more information on license testing.  

Field Day


W7YRC Facebook

Club Repeater

Pete Morrison (K6VVR)

Buddy Mentor

Don Bauer (WB7TPH) – Contact Don if you would like to be assigned a buddy mentor

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial Event

Doug Freeman (KV8TD) – June 30 each year

ARCA Liaison

Don Bauer (WB7TPH)

Signal Newsletter

Loren Singh (AE7CG), Editor; Joe Oliver (AC6AA) Editor Emeritus