NRA Birthday

NRA Birthday Special Event 2017

The annual operation was held at Gunsite Academy on November 17, the NRA’s 146th birthday. The event consisted of three stations: the usual HF phone station using the station of Gunsite’s owner, Buz Mills, K7GST; a satellite station set up by Dale, KL7R, assisted by his XYL Chris, NL7DU; a CW operation at our club station at the Jeep Posse building operated by Frank, K8FB, and Loren, AE7CG.

Current band conditions are not that great. This solar cycle is one of the lowest on record. That made it difficult to make contacts. On SSB, most contacts were made on 15M. Not too many were made on 20M and none were made on 40M due to the poor band conditions and a lot of noise on the band.

Dale did well on with satellite contacts considering he inadvertently left most of his satellite gear at home in Alaska by mistake. As a result, he only had his rig and a handheld 5-element yagi antenna rather than his usual tripod mounted long yagi.

We had 16 hams who signed the sign-in sheet at Gunsite. Of those 16, 10 of them took their turn at operating the phone station: KB7TRE, KL7R, W1DGL, AB9JS, N0SCA, K6PSR, K7TSY, KI7PWA (W1DGL acted as her control operator; this was her first HF experience – Thanks, Mike.), KI7ALL, and N6EEI. Unfortunately, Mike, K7NRA, was unable to attend again this year. He is very generous in lending his call sign for the event.

Due to the poor band conditions, our QSO count was down from former years. We had 76 contacts on phone, 74 on CW and 23 on satellite, and one on 2M FM for a total of 174 contacts.

Our special thanks to Buz, K7GST, for his hospitality in using his facility, to Mike, K7NRA, for the use of his call sign, to Terry, KB7TRE, for putting out the directional signs, bringing the food and making the coffee, and to Chaz Cone, W4GKF, in Atlanta, GA, who makes and distributes the on-line certificates to those stations who request them via email. He offered this as an idea in 2015 and volunteered to handle it for us and is doing a great job with it. He also provides certificates for those who operated during the event.

Pictures Dale and I took of the event can be seen at:


John, WB9VGJ
A special certificate will be awarded to those stations making contact during the event. QSL with a 9 x 12 SASE to: YARC P.O. Box 11994 Prescott, AZ 86304 OR To receive a PDF certificate that you can print yourself, you can send an email to the address below that contains your call sign, time of contact (UTC, not local), and the frequency. A certificate with your call sign will be created and emailed to you. NOTE: We do not issue band-specific certificates. We will issue one certificate regardless of number of contacts.

For more information, contact John Broughton, WB9VGJ

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