2 Meter Challenge

During the month of April 2020, from April 1st through April 30, the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club hosted a contact challenge on 2 Meter FM Simplex.

During our “social separation” many of us are staying home with sometimes little to do. But the nets are more active and there is more activity on HF. More of us are enjoying operating. YARC is holding a “contest” on 2 meters to provide our members the opportunity to make
contacts using their privileges; to encourage amateurs to learn the basics of simplex operations; and expand the scope of their VHF operating techniques beyond that needed for repeater operation.

The contest is open to any licensed radio amateur, the object being to
make as many two-way QSO’s with as many different hams, in as many different cities as possible during the month.

Remember, this is a FUN contest. All participants are encouraged to submit their logs, even if they only make a few contacts. It is not necessary to have a big “contest station” to participate. This contest can be worked with only a 2 meter handheld

Contest Rules

Contest Application

Contest Log