Amateur Radio Licensing Class

Technician Class License Online Study

The Yavapai Amateur Radio Club (YARC) is taking advantage of Ham Test Online’s offer to provide their Technician Class online license class to interested persons in our local area at a reduced price.   The Technician Class online course is offered for $19.95 (normally a cost of $24.95 ) and can be taken at any time that is convenient to you.  Ham Test Online’s courses have received good reviews and offer good results. If interested in taking the Technician license course, contact club treasurer at ( and let him know.  Once you sign up, we will then provide you with instructions to access the online class.  The basic Technician Class online course takes approximately 10 hours to complete.

If you are interested in taking the online General or Extra Class license courses, contact Ham Test Online directly for these courses.

The club will also assign you a Buddy Mentor (an experienced ham) who you can interact with to ask questions about the study materials. A Buddy Mentor can be assigned to you regardless of what study method or materials that you use.  Contact Dave Erlach W7VSX ( if you would like a Buddy Mentor assigned to you.  Once you receive your license, YARC also conducts periodic sessions at the club station in the Jeep Posse building to learn more about amateur radio and demonstrate good operating techniques – and allows you to get answers to your questions.

We also have an Elmer group ( that can help you get your station set up and antenna installed free of charge.  They can also help you when you encounter specific technical challenges with your equipment.  Contact them at (  For antenna installations, they will first come out and do a site survey to see what it will take to do a good antenna installation.

If you take the Ham Test Online Technician license course from our club and then pass the ARRL/VEC Technician license exam, the club will provide you with a free six month membership to YARC.

Other Exam Study Options

We realize that some people can’t or aren’t comfortable taking online courses.  Other options for studying for any class license exam is to do self-study with exam materials from the ARRL, from the W5YI Group, or from KB6NU.  The W5YI Group even has their exam study course on an audio CD that you can order.  If you choose one of these options, you can also request a Buddy Mentor to be assigned to you by the club to assist you with any questions that you may have while studying.  Contact Dave Erlach W7VSX ( if you would like a Buddy Mentor to be assigned to you.

Help When You Receive Your License

Once you receive your license, YARC offers periodic sessions at the YARC club station at the Jeep Posse building, where we can demonstrate good operating techniques, teach basic radio related concepts, or answer any questions that you might have.  These sessions are intended to help you take the next steps in amateur radio.

The club’s Elmer Group ( can also help you set up your station and install your antenna.

License Exams

YARC offers license examination sessions quarterly for all license classes.  For additional information on the exams, see Testing Information.