Club Program Presentations

Here are some of the club’s past presentations and reference materials.  Each month we try and bring some useful and helpful presentations to our members.  Also included are links to videos of the YARC club meetings, beginning with the September 20, 2018 club meeting.

If you have an idea that you would like to see presented please let us know and we will see what we can do to make it happen. Send an email to Club Programs

These presentations can be large in size so please allow plenty of time for them to download.

The ARRL Library is also a good source for other amateur radio related presentations.

2018/12/06 YARC Club Meeting Videos

Part 1 YARC Membership Meeting 12/06/18 – Business Meeting

Part 2 YARC Membership Meeting 12/06/18 – Start of Bud’s N7CW Presentation of the Baker Island DXPedition

Part 3 YARC Membership Meeting 12/06/18 – Second Part of Bud’s N7CW Presentation of the Baker Island DXPedition

N7CW Bud’s Entire Presentation of the Baker Island DXPedition – Powerpoint Presentation Screen Only

2018-11-01 YARC Club Meeting Videos

Part 1 Officer Elections and Annual Awards
Part 2 YARC Lifetime Membership Award
Part 3 Post Break. Drawings and Committee Reports

2018-10-04 YARC Club Meeting Videos

Part 1: Business Meeting

Part 2: Presentation by Bill Hager –  Yavapai County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, Search and Rescue, and Jeep Posse on Wilderness/Hiking Safety and Preparedness

Part 3: Post Break to Meeting end.


2018 Mesh Networks – by Rob Redford KG7LMI

2018 APRS Mobile Digipeater – by Rob Redford KG7LMI

2018 NBC Support of South Korea Winter Olympics– by Don Sears N7PLL

2018 Can You Protect Your Electronics from EMP – by Ron Purcell KI7EVK

2018 Part 1 and Part 2 of  Station Optimization by Doug Theriault NO1D

2017 Printed Circuit Prototyping by Doug Theriault NO1D

2017 HF Spotting Software by Doug Theriault NO1D

2017 Jeep Posse VHF Portable Repeater Project by Doug Theriault NO1D

2017 ID Timer Project – ID Timer Project and ID Timer Schematic by Doug Theriault NO1D

2017-09-07 – What Contesting Can Do For You presentation by Frank Bender K8FB.

2017-04-06 – Public Service Event Communications presentation by Frank Bender K8FB.

2016-12-01 – 2016 YARC Volunteer Appreciation and Year In Review presentation by Frank Bender K8FB.

Download a PowerPoint Reader from Microsoft, if you don’t have MS PowerPoint.

2016-10-15 Digital Demo Handout by Tom Azlin W7SUA

2016-09-01 Presentation: “Mt. Union UHF Repeater – 2016 Upgrade Project” by Doug Theriault NO1D

2016-08-04 Presentation: “Fun of CW Operating” by Loren Singh AE7CG.

2016-04-07 Presentation: “Printed Circuit Board Prototyping” and “ID Tmer” – by Doug Theriault NO1D.  Here also is a YouTube presentation link, which illustrates a Toner Transfer Example by Doug.

2016-03-03 Presentation: “ARES/RACES in Yavapai County” – by Bud Semon N7CW link

2016-02-12 Presentation: “HF Operating – an Introduction for the Newcomer” – by Mike Belanger, W1DGL link

2016-02-04 Presentation: “JT65 – HF — An “Odd” but Fun Digital Mode” – by John Broughton, WB9VGJ – also at this link

2015-12-13 Presentation: “Having Fun with VHF Propagation” – by Art Jackson, KA5DWI – also at this link

November, 2015 – ARRL Digital Mode Presentation

October , 2015 – Yaesu VX-8R Handheld Repeater Setup  

Provided by KF7WOT – Joann Schultheiss

September, 2015 – Baofeng 101 – 2 files that can help you better use your Baofeng hand held.  

Provided by KF7WOT – Joann Schultheiss

Baofeng 101 

Baoefeng Menu

September 3, 2015 – ARRL Log Book of the World (LOTW)

Presenter – Bud Semon (N7CW)


March 5, 2015 –  Arduino & Raspberry Pi Platforms

Presenters – Tom Azlin (W7SUA), Dan Simpson (AE7IH), Russ Sherwin (AD6ZL) & Chuck Zappala (KE7SA)

PowerPointArduino & Raspberry Pi

April 3, 2014 – Bud’s trip to Peru

Presenter – Bud Semon (N7CW)


January 2, 2014 – Techs on 10

Presenter – Bruce Jaeger (KE7TDR)

PowerPoint Techs on 10

December 5, 2013 – Yavapai Amateur Radio Club Special Event – Public Service Communications

Presenter – Lloyd Halgunseth (WA6ZZJ)


Public Service Communications

July 7, 2011 – QRP equipment

Presenter – Loren Singh (AE7CG)