Club Station

YARC Club Station – W7YRC

Our club station is located at the Jeep Posse building at 1200 Commerce Drive in Prescott.  See the directions listed below.

Club Station Shack

In July 2017, Randy Dashiell W6TYV and Curt Freeman KI7OWL built counter tops and shelves for us at the YARC Club Station shack.  Art Protas KG6AY, Jim Zimmerman N6KZ, Mike Reid WU7V, Tim Norton K7PVY, and Frank Bender K8FB then re-assembled the station in our new shack at the Jeep Posse building.  Tim K7PVY painted the club station shack the final color.  Art and Jim did the bulk of the extensive work required to get the station set up.

Art Protas KG6AY and Jim Zimmerman N6KZ assembling the club station:


Panoramic shot of the club station by Mike Belanger W1DGL

The station consists of three operating positions.  The main stations are ICOMs  IC-746 PRO and IC-7300 transceivers, using antennas for 80 through 6 Meters on all bands.  This station is set up to work SSB, CW, FM (on 10 Meters), and most digital modes, including the FT8 digital mode.

ICOM IC-746 PRO and ICOM IC-7300


The third position is an ICOM IC-706 Mk IIG, which will primarily be used on 6 meters. using a 5 element Yagi beam.


Club station antennas include a dual band VHF/UHF Comet X-50, an HF tri-band Yagi (10, 15, and 20 meters) with a 40 meter rotatable dipole extension, a WARC (30, 17, and 12 meters) rotatable dipole, and a 160/80 meter dipole.  The antennas are on or supported by our 55 foot crank up tower.  Also on the tower is a 5 element 6 meter beam donated by Pete Morrison K6VVR.

We have a Kenwood TM-V7 VHF/UHF transceiver and TNC to utilize Winlink to be able to send email messages via VHF internet gateways in the area.  We have the HF and VHF digital modes operational.

YARC has a truly awesome club station.  It is really something to be proud of.

Mike Belanger W1DGL is the YARC Club Station Manager.

Pete Morrison K6VVR is the W7YRC license trustee.

Doug Freeman KV8TD is the N7GMH license trustee.

Directions to the Jeep Posse Building, 1200 Commerce Drive, Prescott (GPS will not direct you there) – Coordinates are N 34 36.704 W 112 27.808

From Willow Creek Road:

  • Turn onto Commerce Drive (north)
  • Proceed through the 4-way stop
  • At the second street, turn Right (just before the Pioneer Park sign)
  • Immediately turn Left into the parking lot
  • Proceed all the way back of the parking lot to the Jeep Posse building.
  • The club station is behind the skating rink at Pioneer Park

2024 Club Station Calendar 

Following are the 2024 YARC reservations at the Jeep Posse building.  Please contact the person listed to confirm the meeting is being held.  Otherwise contact John Snedden at for YARC building usage and reservation changes.

2024 YCJP Building – YARC Calendar


Jeep Posse Building Open and Shutdown Procedures

If you are responsible for opening and closing the club stations, following are the Open and Shutdown Procedures

YCJP Building Open and Shutdown Procedures

The Club Station is operational

If you want to operate the club station at a non-scheduled time, you can contact someone on the Access List (See Club Station Documents List below) to have them open up the station for you.

  • Please be respectful of the time of day that you call.
  • First try to contact someone on the Access List who has Access Code = “D” before contacting other members on the list.
  • Only contact those members on the Access List with “Contact for Access” = “YES”
  • The startup and shut down procedures are posted on the bulletin board and in the Club Station Operating Manual
  • Radio user manuals and the Club Station Operating Manual are stored in a marked desk drawer
  • Be aware, with individual operating access, there could be another event going on when you arrive.  In this case, you may not be able to operate at that time.

Club Station

The station consists of two ICOM IC-746 Pro HF/ 6 Meter transceivers, with antennas on the 30-foot tower for HF bands from 80 through 10 Meters.  A Kenwood VHF/UHF transceiver is installed, using a Diamond X-50 dual band vertical mounted on top of the tower.

Club Station Background

Our club has entered into a partnership with the Yavapai County Jeep Posse (YCJP) to create a YARC club station at the Jeep Posse building at 1200 Commerce Drive in Prescott.  YCJP has allowed us to maintain our club station in the Jeep Posse building into 2022.

To operate the station on an individual basis, you will have to contact someone on the station access list to open up the building and station for your use.  Once the station is in operation, the club plans on having regularly scheduled open houses where any licensed amateur can visit and operate the station.

Club Station Documents:

The Building Access and Usage Rules. LINK

Club Station Access List

The building and station access list.  These members have the ability to open up the building and club station.  LINK

Club Station Aerial Shot – provided by Bob Thompson, KC8BOB

Click any of the pictures below to enlarge them.

The tower and antennas are at the upper left corner of the building.


55 Foot Crank Up Tower Being Raised

Cushcraft A3 Tri-band Beam with 40 Meter Add-on Dipole, 30/17/12 Meter Rotatable Dipole, and Diamond X-50 VHF/UHF Vertical.  On the tower is also a 5 element 6 Meter yagi antenna.  We also have a 80/ 40/ 20/ 15 Meter trap dipole.


We are proud to partner with the Yavapai County Jeep Posse.  They allow us to locate our club station at the Jeep Posse building.

Memorandum of Agreement with the YCJP, effective 2017-03-10


Club Station Inventory – 09/01/2020 by Tim Norton K7PVY