Field Day/ Picnic

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2021 Field Day and Club Picnic

In recent years, YARC has held Field Day at the Jeep Posse Building using the radio room along with having our club picnic. Traditionally the Field Day event would be held in a remote location to practice for emergencies, an informal contest, have a picnic and most of all have FUN with our members, and introduce prospective members to HAM radio.

This year the board has decided to continue the tradition by having the 2021 Field Day at a location other than the Jeep Posse Building.

The board has approved Little Dealer Little Prices located on HYWY 69 in Prescott Valley to host the 2021 Field Day Event on June 26th and 27th. Mr. Danny Sampson (General Manger) has graciously offered his RV Dealership for the YARC Field Day and Picnic Event. Mr. Sampson has agreed to provide our club the necessary space needed for setup of our radio equipment and picnic area for this event.

Ray KI7COM has volunteered to be the Chairman and he has many great ideas for this fun outdoor event to test our radio skills away from our home radio shack.  He is looking for volunteers and suggestions for this event.

Field Day Story

Where the spirit of Amateur Radio Past joins forces with the Next Generation of Innovations, Interests and Individuals!!!

ARRL Field Day is the most popular on-the-air operating event in amateur radio. On the fourth full weekend in June, tens of thousands of amateur radio operators gather for a public demonstration of our service. Field Day is part educational event, part operating event, part public relations event and ALL about FUN!

Amateur radio is about knowledge and growth. It is a hobby and service that truly offers something for everyone. Amateur Radio embraces both the old and new. While CW may no longer be a testing element, it is still a strong and favorite operating mode for many. Tens of thousands of operators are embracing digital technologies, from RTTY to newer digital modes like PSK31 and Olivia. Phone operation, probably the largest segment of the hobby, also has new frontiers to be explored with digitized voice, VOIP, and IRLP. And this is why Field Day the largest annual on-the-air operating event is so exciting. It gives all the old timer and the newcomer, the brass-pounder and the computer assisted operator the chance to share and teach the broad range of modes and technologies we find in our hobby.

Field Day is truly the time in which we bring amateur radio to Main Street USA. By setting up in parking lots, malls, Emergency Operations Centers, parks and even at home, amateur operators learn skills that will allow them to better serve their communities. Setting up in these public venues gives added public relations value their friends and neighbors can see and experience the fun and public service capability that their ham radio neighbors bring to the community.

Join in the fun! For more information on amateur radio and the ARRL the national organization for Amateur Radio visit