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IMG_0046 (Small)Loren Singh – AE7CG (ae7cg@arrl.net)

Newsletter Editor of the Yavapai Signal 

Please note that Signal Newsletters are no longer posted here.  Recent Signal Newsletters can be accessed by going to the Members page on this web site.  The newsletters can then be found by selecting Reports on the menu.

Effective with the November 2018 Issue of the Signal, Board and Meeting minutes are no longer included in the Signal Newsletter.   This is due to the increasing size of the newsletter.  Minutes can now be found by selecting Reports on the Members Menu and then selecting the appropriate set of minutes.

June 2015 – present

Joe Oliver-AC6AA – Editor Emeritus

Our newsletter editor could really use your help.  If you have any articles for the newsletter, please submit them to newsletter@w7yrc.org

This site is dedicated to the preservation of the Yavapai Signal newsletters produced by the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club (YARC) in Prescott Arizona.  Most months since August 1996 are available.  Additional newsletters will be posted in the future.

The master Signal Archives maintained by Dick Hughes, W6CCD can be found at this link.

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