YARC Volunteer Opportunities

Contact (president@w7yrc.org) if interested in helping out in any of these or other areas.

Hamfest Volunteers – We are looking for volunteers to assist at the Prescott Hamfest.

Field Day Volunteers – We are looking for volunteers to help with Field Day weekend operating activities.  We usually have lots of helpers for this operating event on the last full weekend of June.

Elmer Group Helpers – The club has a very active Elmer Group consisting of core members.  If you would like to help out our Elmers and have antenna installation skills, contact ask.elmer@w7yrc.org.  You can also be of help if you have a specialized skill such as programming frequencies into radios, digital communications, or other similar skill.  You can help out on a regular basis or be called upon when your specialized skill might be needed.

Buddy Mentors – We are looking for several more experienced club members to be a resource that new hams can contact with questions.  You would also be a friendly face in the crowd.  Also help aspiring hams if they have questions regarding their license exam self study.  Here’s an easy way to give back to our club and help keep the interest of newly licensed hams.