Silent Keys

Below is a list of YARC members who will be missed but not forgotten.


LLoyd Halgenseth WA6ZZJ 1936-2014


November is Lloyd Halgunseth Memorial Month.  Come and remember Lloyd.  In memory of Lloyd, wear your blue ARES/RACES shirt or your YARC shirt.

W7CWD – Chuck Davis, 2014

NS2K – Jim Jackson, 2015

AB7KE – Joan Tremper, 2015

N6XEX – Eve Oppedisano, 2015

WB7UZX – James (Jim) Craig Ball, 2016

W4ZBP – Henry Riviere, 2017 – Henry was YARC’s first president back in 1991

AA7ZL – Russ Sherwin, 2017

Beginning in 2018, Silent Keys are listed on the Members Only page.  On the Roster page, click the “Active” button several times to get the “Silent” button to appear.  This page displays Silent Keys.