YARC Repeaters

Club Repeaters – W7YRC

Our repeater committee, consisting of Pete Morrison, K6VVR, Robert Riester WA6FBA and John Laing K7PRS, maintains our repeater system.

146.880 (-), 100 Hz PL in Prescott.  This repeater is linked to our 447.650 repeater also.

447.650 (-), 100 Hz on Mt. Union.  This repeater that was installed on Mt. Union on December 4, 2015 and moved to the ARES/RACES shed on October 15, 2016. This repeater should have good coverage for most of our members.

Bud N7CW installing the Scala repeater antenna on Mt. Union


 ARES/RACES Emergency Use of 146.88 and 447.650 MHz Repeaters

YARC has entered into an understanding with the Yavapai County ARES/RACES organization about use of the W7YRC repeaters during emergencies and occasional emergency exercises.  During an Office of Emergency Management (OEM) declared emergency or emergency exercise, ARES/RACES may determine that they need to have exclusive use of our repeater for emergency use.  In this event, YARC officers will be notified and announcements of the emergency or emergency exercise will be made on the repeater frequency.  YARC members and other hams will be requested to cease and refrain from all non-emergency communications on the repeater frequency until the emergency or emergency exercise is declared to be over by ARES/RACES officials.  It should be noted that the need for our repeaters by ARES/RACES during an emergency is unlikely.  The agreement would likely only be invoked if there were issues with the ARES/RACES repeaters themselves.

YARC Repeater List

Thanks to Creighton AD7YR and Jim Zimmerman N6KZ for coming up with a standard VHF/UHF frequency list for YARC members.  Contact Creighton at radioprogramming@w7yrc.org to arrange an appointment.

Three Programming Lists

Radios that we are able to program.  We have many of the cables to program the radios that are highlighted in yellow on the list.  If your radio is not on this list, check with Creighton to see if he still might be able to help you.

 Complete Arizona Repeater List [Click the list]